The SLN Sabha is a charitable public trust registered with the state Govt. of Maharashtra and listed with the Income Tax dept. and Home ministry of Central Govt. of India .We collect donations and spend the same on well publicized projects purely for the benefit of the public. There is no concentration of power or pelf in any particular individual/family/ religious institution or political party.

As of now there are ten Trustees. Many of them are retired officers of public/private sector organizations, whose main motivation is service to society. The Board of Trustees is responsible to the public, the Govt. departments and is in charge of policy matters and implementation of projects.

The Managing Committee is in charge of running of the temples & usage of facilities created. The MC consists of nine members elected in a general body meeting in addition to the Trustees. Various committees are formed by and office bearers elected. Elections are held every two years. Each committee is allotted defined areas of operation and function fairly well.